Introducing our New FJR 1300 Sport Rack

We have completely redesigned our popular Sport Touring Rack to better fit the sleek design of the FJR1300. The new design also offers even more rigidity and strength, while maintaining the versatility our racks are known for. The Sport Rack offers the capability of quickly mounting Givi's popular Monkey top cases such as the E55, E52, V46 and others with the use of our optional Topbox Mounting Hardware Kit. You can also mount dual helmet locks under the rack which holds your helmet high enough that it won't touch the left side muffler when it is on it's side stand. Of course the Sport Rack also doubles as a Passenger Backrest base plate allowing you to quickly mount our optional Passenger Backrest without having to remove the rack from the bike.. We have also included bungee/strap slots in the corner to make strapping down soft luggage a breeze.

As mentioned above, the new design adds rigidity by incorporating a base plate made of 1/8''; thick steel plate with bent edges adding strong support for the upper aluminum rack. The upper aluminum rack is made from 3/16''; thick aluminum with bent edges adding even more rigidity to the system. Installation on to the Gen II FJRs takes only a few minutes and all necessarily hardware is supplied with the rack.

At this time the Sport Rack will only fit FJR1300 model years 2006 to 2016.

The Passenger Backrest can't be used when a Givi top case is installed, however a passenger backrest pad is available for all Givi top cases.                 
Adding our rack does not increase the maximum carrying capacity of the motorcycle. Please follow the manufacturers suggested weight limits when loading your bike.                  
If you are thinking of purchasing a GIVI topcase with the Givi brake light already installed you will have to re-wire it for use with our rack or look at purchasing the Admore brake light kit instead of the Givi light kit..

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Yamaha FJR1300 Sport Rack '06-'17 - Part No. 7771