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GIVI EA106 Magnetic Tank Bag Easy Bag

"This is a Liquidation Item and Only Remaining Inventory is Available"

Givi presents a new 3D range of bags designed with the intention of combining the safety and the solidity of a ''hard'' fitting to ease the use and the lightness of the soft bags.
This new range of bags made of PET laminated (TPH01) fabric or in EVA laminated fabric (TPH02), has a rigid structure that gives to this range of products a greater solidity, ie a load stability similar to the cases. The thermoforming process gives to the bags the full capacity of the load and the lightness beyond a very aerodynamic and sporty design.
The first two models of this new TPH01 (side)-TPH02 (tank) series integrate the exclusive ''Easylock'' and ''Tanklock'' systems patented by Givi, which add to these articles further practical use, making the operation very user-friendly fixing system.
Note: The Easylock fitting system needs in any case the specific mounting kit in base to the model of bike.

The new TankLock system for tank bags promotes the elimination of all kinds of straps, or magnetic limpets, previously used to fasten the bag to the bike. Thanks to a small ring that is installed on the tank cap, incorporated with the unique structure of the base of the bag, the bag can now be attached by simply aligning it to the ring and pressing lightly until you hear the classic ''clack.'' Equally easy is the removal of the bag; to release it you can just pull the red lever located in the base.

Check the flange compatible with the model of your bike in ''Compatible Flange'' PDF in the ''Instruction Manual'' section on the right side of this page. This list is by no means complete and we have found many bikes not on the list that have the same OEM fuel ring as the bikes on the list and should work. We suggest you view a Parts Finder website like this one http://www.worldofpowersports.com/oeparts.html and compare the part number of your fuel ring to that of one of the bikes on the approved list.

- Reflective Parts
- Waterproof Zipper
- Inner Pocket
- GPS Holder Integrated
- Tanklock System
- Volume: 4 Liters

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GIVI 3D601 Formed Tanklock Tankbag - Part No. 3498