The Ballistic Performance Components EVO2 Battery Management System Balance Charger is the only charger on the market designed specifically to work with the Ballistic Performance Components EVO2 battery. The primary advantage to the Ballistic Performance Components BMS Blance Charger is the balance charging function. The Balance mode balances the voltage of each cell or cell pack while charging. By balance charging your Ballistic Performance Components Battery you insure that the battery is operating at its maximum power. Periodic balance charging can also double the expected life of your battery. This charger is not required to operate your EVO2 Battery, but it is highly recommended.

- The only charger made to work with the EVO2 Battery Management System.
- Plugs directly into the batteries BMS port.
- Able to balance charge all the cells individually for max power and durability.
- Can double the expected life of the EVO2 battery.
- Has Charge, Fast Charge, Balance Charge, and Storage Charge Functions.
- 120V Input (US)

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Ballistic EVO2 LiFePO4 Battery Charger - Part No. 8155