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GIVI Tanklock bags accommodate multiple touchscreen devices!
A twist on the classic map pocket...

Have your iPad or iTouch with you on the go! The trusty, see-thru map pocket on these new Tanklock bags gets a technology twist. Use your iPad as the map and the GPS! Available in both 15L and 25L sizes. Click below to see these and our full selection of tank bags for your motorcycle.

BMW K1600GT/GTL Clear Film Protection Kits are here!
Protect your investment from everyday scratches and scuffs.

Our BMW K1600 GT/GTL Paint Protection kits offer the best solution to keeping your valuable bike looking like new. This kit protects your Gas Tank, Headlight and Sidecases from scratching, boot scuffs, tank bags, zippers and abrasion due to pants rubbing the sides of the tank, zippers, tank bags, gas nozzles, etc.

The 3M film has an adhesive backing, is 8 mils. thick and is nearly invisible once installed. This is a clean, simple yet effective solution to a universal problem, how to protect your motorcycle's paint finish without changing its clean lines. The answer is clear film protectant. It is easy to apply and is nearly invisible on your gas tank and will not yellow or lose its glossy finish. Detailed installation instructions and squeegee are included!

Easy-to-install sidebag reflective decals are also available. Click the link below to see our kits for several popular motorcycles.

Get a head-start on your spring riding with Gerbing

Premier Cycle has stocked up on the most popular sizes of Gerbing's products. We have jacket liners, gloves, glove liners, pant liners, controllers, and everything else you need IN STOCK and READY TO SHIP TODAY! Now is the time to get geared up and out there riding!

As a leading Gerbing's dealer we get a lot of questions about how all the clothing works together. While we can't answer all of the questions, here we cover the most frequently asked ones.

Q. Deciding between a jacket liner and a vest liner, aside from the obvious heating benefits from the jacket liner, is there anything else I need to consider?

A. One important point to consider is if you are, or plan to wear heated gloves or glove liners. A benefit of the jacket liner is that the plug in for the gloves is at the end of the sleeve vs a vest liner where you would have to route each individual glove wire down your sleeve and back down to the plug in connection near your waist. You would have to do this each time you put on your heated gear.

Q. If I buy any Gerbing's heated gear do I need to purchase anything else?

A. Technically no. All jackets, vests, jacket liners, socks, insoles, glove liners and gloves come with their own power cable that hooks directly to the bike's battery. However, this setup will have the heated gear running at the maximum heat level and most people soon find the item too hot to wear. In order to regulate the temperature you need to install an inline single or dual temperature controller to regulate the heat to your comfort level.

Q. Can I run a jacket or jacket liner and gloves with just a single controller?

A. Yes, but you will need to order a splitter to power the gloves and the jacket. Both items will run at the same temperature which is typically not ideal. This is why we recommend purchasing a dual controller in this situation. You can then dial the temperature in separately for both items which provides for a more preferable heating temperature for your chest and hands.

Q. Ok, I understand how all this crazy stuff works now, but how do you hook it all up?

A. All of Gerbing's heated gear connects to one another with minimal wiring. The jacket, or jacket liner acts as a hub. You plug your temperature controller into the jacket or jacket liner. From there, the gloves connect to the end of the sleeves, the pants connect to the jacket at the waist, the heated socks, or heated insoles connect right to the bottom of the pants.

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Myrtle Beach Bike WeekŪ is a riding event. Events / Attractions / Rides are from Shallotte NC to Georgetown SC.

New Product
RAM X-Grip Cell Phone and Tablet Holders are here!

Turn your smartphone or 7'' tablet into the ultimate bike-mounted GPS and music player! The X-Grip series of smartphone and tablet mounts offer a simple, durable, and low-profile solution to mounting your device on your motorcycle, on your bicycle, in your car...the possibilities are endless! RAM holders hold on and don't let go! An employee favorite product and an alternative to bulky boxes and cases. Lifetime warranty included and made in the USA. Click below to see this and other mounting solutions.

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