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Adaptiv Laser Jammer Recieves MPN

Motorcycle & Powersport News Awards Adaptiv's Laser Jammer one of the top products of 2011. Adaptiv Technologies took the world’s best laser jamming technology and created a system specifically designed for motorcycle use. Powered by patented Blinder technology, the performance-certified system prevents police laser guns from obtaining a speed reading.

Sure Sellers:

• The first laser jammer designed specifically for motorcycle use

• Features laser jamming technology from Blinder International

• Combines Blinder's proven technology with Adaptiv's motorcycle know-how

The price of Adaptiv Technologies' TPX Motorcycle Laser jammer System has been reduced to $499. The water, shock and vibration resistant system comes with an adjustable high-intensity LED Visual Alert and can also be used with the TPX Motorcycle Radar and Laser Detection System. The system is powered by Blinder technology and jams all police laser guns. The Motorcycle Laser Jammer System received a prestigious five-star rating from Radar Roy, one of the most trusted speed detection experts in the field. Radar Roy touted the TPX Motorcycle Laser Jammer System as his "No. 1 pick for motorcycle laser protection."

New Motorcycle Review
2012 Honda NC700XA Review

It’s a jungle out there. City traffic, gravel backroads, construction zones, inclement weather... Is there a bike that can not only tackle all this, but actually make it fun? You bet there is: the all-new Honda NC700XA. What makes the NC700XA so practical for taming the jungle – including its huge storage area where the gas tank would be on most bikes – are also the things that make it such a joy to ride, on the street, highway, gravel road, you name it. The strong low-end and midrange torque from the 670 cc twin-cylinder engine allow you navigate through the city without having to constantly shift gears, and these same characteristics produce the strong acceleration that feels so satisfying when you’re pulling away from a stop sign or pulling out onto the highway. Even the sensible, upright riding position that gives you such a great view of the road and traffic ahead in the city, adds to the NC700XA’s pleasure by feeling so relaxed and comfortable on the open road.With its long-travel suspension, extra ground clearance, standard Combined Braking System with ABS, protective windshield, and optional Honda Genuine Accessories luggage, the NC700XA can also take you far from the city and into the real jungle – or at least into the out-of-the-way place.

The NC700X crossover offers the long-travel suspension, agility and commanding riding position of an off-road bike in an overall package with high standards of stability, braking and engine performance. It promises a fun, engaging riding experience together with the practicality and ease of use that make it a machine eminently suitable for daily commuting.

Brake Pads Sintered or Organic?

Q. What are Sintered and Organic brake pads?

A. Sintered: "sintered metal" technology is the most widely used for OEM pads. It is relatively insensitive to temperature variations and rain. Comprised of a mixture of powders (copper, bronze, ceramic, nickel), the material is compressed then heated to a high temperature (900°C) to adhere to its substrate. Sintered brake pads last longer and generally speaking handle the heat of heavy braking better and have become a standard on 99% of Motorcycles and ATVs from the OE manufacturers.

Organic: Kevlar, carbon and ceramic fibers are bound by resins. This technique is older and cheaper to implement, but less efficient at high speeds. EBC Organic pads have attracted many enthusiasts because of the way they work. They are inherently “Softer” then sintered pads, easier on rotors and have a brake “feel” preferred by many riders. These pads generally do not last as long as a sintered pad, especially in rain and other wet conditions and are mainly used on scooters.

Q. My fork seals leaked fork oil down and onto my brake pads, what can I use to clean them?

A. Never try and clean brake pads that have been contaminated with grease, fluids or oils. These fluids will soak into the pad material and cannot be removed. These pads should be replaced!

Q. After having my new pads installed, is there any kind of break in procedure needed?

A. Pads need a minimum of 250 miles regular street use (not highway cruising) where brakes are used frequently to allow pads to mate with worn (or new) rotors. During this time brake performance WILL BE LESS EFFECTIVE especially if brake rotors are scored or distorted. Ride carefully in low traffic areas at lower speeds during bed in period until 90% contact area has been achieved between pads and rotors. Allow extra stopping distance until brakes are fully bedded.

Upcoming Events
Progressive International Motorcycle Shows
Friday, February 3, 2012 - Sunday, February 5, 2012
Minneapolis Convention Center

Progressive International Motorcycle Shows
Friday, February 10, 2012 - Sunday, February 12, 2012
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Progressive International Motorcycle Shows
Wednesday, March 14, 2012 - Saturday, March 17, 2012
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Daytona Bike Week
Friday, March 8, 2013 - Sunday, March 17, 2013
Daytona Beach, Florida

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Sales Specials
Special 48 Hour EBC Brake Pad Sale For Newsletter Readers Only

As a newsletter recipient you will receive an additional 10% off EBC brake pads. Just click on the link below, select the type of pad you want and use the bike selector to find the pads you need. In the checkout page use the coupon code; NLEBC to receive your discount. This sales expires Sunday, Feb 5th.

We Now Have Dyna Beads

We now have Innovative Balancing's Dyna Beads available on our website. This is the new and better way to balance your motorcycle tires. They give you a better ride, a cleaner look on your wheels and are proven to give you longer tire life. You don't need to wait until you have your next tire change either. You can install the Dyna Beads yourself and start enjoying the benefits of Dyna Beads. To learn how these tiny ceramic balls work go to the link below and look at the Multi-view pictures explain how they work in your tire. Also refer to the application chart link on the right side of the page to find out how many ounces you need for your bike's tire size.



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