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Firstgear Heated Motorcycle Jackets are NOW AVAILABLE!

Looking for a riding jacket with heating elements already built-in? Don't like to fiddle with a jacket liner or with extra, bulky layers? Firstgear now has heated jackets in both men's and women's sizes! Waterproof, breathable, armored, and stylish! Click the link below to see sizes and colors.

Capture your epic adventures in HIGH DEFINITION!
Rugged, mountable HD cameras at very reasonable prices!

Twisty roads in the mountains, your long-distance trip, that video blog, or even that one memorable dirtbike race...

Do you ever find yourself thinking "Darn, I wish I was able to get that moment in a photo/video..."? With these Liquid Image Ego mountable cameras, you'll have the ability to capture those moments with the touch of a button. If you have an Android/iPhone, you can even see what you're shooting and change your settings with your device! Run continuous video or set time intervals for still photographs. It's also water-resistant so you won't have to worry about losing the shot in the rain. Add the optional waterproof case and record up to 130 ft. underwater!

The Ego camera uses micro SD cards and includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Can be easily mounted on a standard tripod, RAM mount configuration, and stickable mounts. Available in several fun colors, too. Don't miss a single moment on camera! Did we mention that it records in 1080HD quality?

Makes a great gift! It's never too early to shop for Christmas...and to sweeten the deal, we're offering 5% off and FREE SHIPPING until October 31. Just type the coupon code "LIQUID" at checkout to get the discount. Give one to your riding buddy, that one friend with the active lifestyle, or maybe that extreme sports enthusiast in your life!

Beat the blustery cold with Gerbing!

Premier Cycle has stocked up on the most popular sizes of Gerbing's products. We have jacket liners, gloves, glove liners, pant liners, controllers, and everything else you need IN STOCK and READY TO SHIP TODAY! Now is the time to get geared up before the cold weather REALLY hits!

As a leading Gerbing's dealer we get a lot of questions about how all the clothing works together. While we can't answer all of the questions, here we cover the most frequently asked ones.

Q. Deciding between a jacket liner and a vest liner, aside from the obvious heating benefits from the jacket liner, is there anything else I need to consider?

A. One important point to consider is if you are, or plan to wear heated gloves or glove liners. A benefit of the jacket liner is that the plug in for the gloves is at the end of the sleeve vs a vest liner where you would have to route each individual glove wire down your sleeve and back down to the plug in connection near your waist. You would have to do this each time you put on your heated gear.

Q. If I buy any Gerbing's heated gear do I need to purchase anything else?

A. Technically no. All jackets, vests, jacket liners, socks, insoles, glove liners and gloves come with their own power cable that hooks directly to the bike's battery. However, this setup will have the heated gear running at the maximum heat level and most people soon find the item too hot to wear. In order to regulate the temperature you need to install an inline single or dual temperature controller to regulate the heat to your comfort level.

Q. Can I run a jacket or jacket liner and gloves with just a single controller?

A. Yes, but you will need to order a splitter to power the gloves and the jacket. Both items will run at the same temperature which is typically not ideal. This is why we recommend purchasing a dual controller in this situation. You can then dial the temperature in separately for both items which provides for a more preferable heating temperature for your chest and hands.

Q. Ok, I understand how all this crazy stuff works now, but how do you hook it all up?

A. All of Gerbing's heated gear connects to one another with minimal wiring. The jacket, or jacket liner acts as a hub. You plug your temperature controller into the jacket or jacket liner. From there, the gloves connect to the end of the sleeves, the pants connect to the jacket at the waist, the heated socks, or heated insoles connect right to the bottom of the pants.

Guard your hands from wind and debris!
New Barkbusters hand guards available for multiple bike models!

Street and dual-sport motorcycles now have an option for durable hand protection that's inspired by adventure and dirtbike riders alike. We now offer Barkbusters hand guards with either VPS (Variable Protection System) or Storm plastics.

Choose the style that fits your needs!

VPS: Ergonomic design with plenty of clearance for bikes with long levers. Add options such as wind deflectors and bar ends to customize your coverage and protection.

Storm Plastics: Maximum protection from the elements with Style. A choice of single point mounting systems are available to suit most street motorcycles and a full weather plus impact protection two-point mounting systems for dual-sport and adventure-touring bikes.

PCA is your Tiger Explorer 1200 Headquarters!
Accessorize your adventure bike today!

Triumph's newest adventure bike is making a statement on (and off) roads everywhere! Enhance and protect your Tiger Explorer with our selection of various accessories ranging from cargo racks and backrests to auxiliary lights and adjustable windshields! Be prepared for anything that you may face on your journeys.

Surprise the motorcycle rider in your life...

Give the gift of shopping at Premier Cycle Accessories! Our gift cards make excellent presents for birthdays, holidays, weddings, and other special occasions. They never expire and can be used for all purchases at our physical store and on our website! Gift Cards are available in denominations of $10 to $250 in increments of $5.

Use your PCA Reward Dollars Today!

Customers, did you know that you receive $5 in Reward Dollars for every $100 dollars purchased online (excluding shipping)? If you've shopped with us before, you might have some of those Reward Dollars saved up in your account! Log in and use them today!

Closeouts galore!

We're cleaning out the cellar! We have quite a number of items on closeout at less than MSRP! You might find something that would be a great fit for you or a potential gift for a friend. Check out our closeout section for deals and steals on riding gear, motorcycle accessories, and more!

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Get a head start on your winter projects!

If you're planning to make any modifications to your bike for next season now is the time to research, plan, and shop. Take advantage of minimal lead times and off-season production schedules while you can.

Also, if you live in areas that snow in the winter, it's time to start thinking about putting the bike up for a few months until the world thaws out again. We have Battery Tenders, Stabil, and all-weather motorcycle covers in-stock to ship TODAY! We also have various items for maintaining and servicing your motorcycle in the off-season.



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