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2012 Yamaha Raider SCL Review
Very Limited Edition Custom Raider S

A true productin custom unlike no other. Introducing the all-new 2012 Yamaha Raider SCL - a very special, very limited production Raider for those wanting a truly unique chopper-inspired machine. Only 500 will be built and will feature everything that makes the 2012 Yamaha Raider S one of the world's great performance cruisers and more.

2012 Yamaha Raider SCL Highlights and Key Features:

Key Features:

•The limited production Raider SCL is loaded with premium cruiser features. Crafted for riders who value exclusivity, only 500 of these exceptional machines will be built.

•Newly developed high-metallic Blazing Orange paint was created specifically for the Raider SCL. Coupled with a metal flake and shine made possible by a 6-layer painting process, its vibrancy is unlike any other color produced for a Star® Motorcycle. This bike is sure to stand out from the crowd.

•Stainless steel mesh throttle cables as well as clutch and brake lines give this bike a premium look.

•Custom 5-spoke chrome wheels co-developed by Star and Performance Machine, with matching chrome pulley and chrome belt guard, help elevate the Raider SCL to a true production custom.

•Great attention to detail was taken into consideration when designing the genuine leather two-tone seat with embossed SCL logo, and matching orange stitching – keeping the discerning cruiser customer in mind. Over time, the seat will develop a character of its own and will be unlike any other.

•An exclusive metal SCL badge with hologram is placed on top of the fuel tank as a constant reminder to its owner that only 500 of these unique machines exist.

HeliBars Horizon ST Multi Adjustable Handlebars Review
Now available for Your Concours1400 and Concours 1000

Like any production motorcycle, the Concours 14 is designed to accomodate riders of various body shapes and sizes. But after installing a set of HeliBars Horizon ST handlebars, I felt as though the Concours was custom-built just for me.

HeliBars has been making replacement handlebars and risers for sportbikes and sport tourers for more than three decades. In 2006 it introduced the Horizon line of multiaxis adjustable handlebars for cruisers. Horizon ST handlebars are now available for the 2008-2011 Kawasaki Concours 14 (compatible with ABS and non-ABS models), allowing riders to dial in their preferred handlebar height (2.5 to 4.5 inches higher), pullback (up to 6 inches closer to the rider) and grip angle, which HelibBars calls "3D adjustability."

Powercoated in silver with stainless-steel hardware, the build quality of Horizon ST handlebars is exceptional. The kit uses a 1-inch steel mounting bar and riser welded to a low-carbon steel upper clamp with upper pivots CNC machined from extruded 6061-T6 aluminum. The handlebar tubes are drilled to mount the stock control housings and threaded bar ends accept the stock or aftermarket damper weights. The kit includes all the necessary hardware, including hydraulic line extensions for the front brake and clutch. Through a competent home mechanic can complete the installation using the provided step-by-step, illustrated instructions and basic tools, the pros at Jett Tuning installed them for us in about two hours, taking care to keep (mildly corrosive) hydraulic fluid off the painted parts and properly bleeding the lines. In the event of a loose bolt, fail-safe rotational stops limit how far each component can rotate.

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*Update* Since this article has been published the Horizon ST bars for the Honda ST1100 has been released and is currently available. You can order them here.

SENA SR10 Bluetooth Two-Way Radio Adapter

The SR10 is a Class 1 Bluetooth Two-way Radio adapter based on Bluetooth 2.1+EDR technology. You can connect various two-way radio devices in the market by using SR10 and may talk wirelessly using Bluetooth headsets in the market. SR10 has two AUX ports that enable you to connect non-Bluetooth devices such as radar detector or GPS navigation.

Along with SR10, you can talk by phone or by two-way radios at the same time, listen to alarm signal from radar detector and listen to the guides from GPS Navigation. The SR10 may cover such a various application areas as motorcycle group riding, outdoor sports and activities or security.


Q. Is there a priority input for the SR10?

A. No, there is not any priority input for SR10. You can listen to all the input devices simultaneously. When you have SMH10 connected to SR10, SR10 uses HFP so it has the highest priority. Thus SR10 overrides Intercom and Bluetooth A2DP music.

Q. What kind of Bluetooth headset I can use for the SR10?

A.You can use any kind of general Bluetooth headset. But we cannot guarantee each headset's original performance. Among motorcycle Bluetooth headsets SMH10 perfectly fits for SR10. SENA also tested some standard mono headsets with SR10 that are Jabra Stone2 and Easy Go, Motorola H790, and Platronics Voyager PRO. They worked well with SR10.

Q. Can I listen to music from the SR10 with a wired music player?

A. SR10 is not a kind of music device. Listening to music through SR10 is not recommended.

Q. I need a longer cable to extend the PTT (Push To Talk) extension cable. What should I do?

A. To extend the length of PTT extension cable, you have to have a standard 2.5mm jack cable extension. 2 or 3 pole is OK. For connection one end of the cable should be a male jack type and the other end should be female type.

Q. Is there any delay when I try to talk with a radio connected with SR10 by using PTT button?

A. You will experience a slight delay if the HFP ( Hand-Free Profile) connection between a Bluetooth headset (SMH10) and SR10 has been disconnected or set aside. If the SR10 is connected to audio device/s (phone, wired audio like GPS or radar) and active, then your radio communication connection between SR10 and you will not experience delay.

As soon as incoming audio signal from the wired devices (two-way radio, mobile phone, GPS or radar detector) is detected by the SR10, the SR10 immediately makes a connection to the Bluetooth Headset and consequently users can hear a certain sound. The examples of triggering audio signals are sound of the two-way radio incoming signal; GPS voice instruction, radar detector alarm or mobile phone ring tone. If there is no incoming sound from the wired devices for a certain period of time, the SR10 disconnects itself from the Bluetooth headset.

Even if there is no incoming sound from the wired devices, users can also connect the SR10 manually to the Bluetooth headset by double tapping the PTT button on the SR10 or the wired PTT button extension.

Users can also double tap the PTT button while the SR10 is already connected to the Bluetooth headset to prevent it from disconnecting itself automatically. To disconnect the SR10 from the Bluetooth headset in this case, the user needs to double tap the PTT button again.

Q. SR10 has two AUX ports on the bottom. Which port should a mobile phone be connected?

A. Only AUX2 supports the mobile phone connection..We don't recommend to use AUX1 as a mobile phone connection.

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Customer Corner
Customer Comments on the New Givi AF Windshield

Premier Cycle customer, Michael Maminski from Australia purchased a Givi AF (Air Flow) windshield for his Honda Silverwing. He was experiencing wind buffeting with his stock windshield and he was hoping the taller Givi windshield would eliminate this problem. After receiving the windshield he wrote back that the windshield installed very easily and the wind buffeting has been eliminated even with the windshield at the lowest height setting. He was also pleasantly surprised that the windshield created a much quieter ride and now he can actually hear the engine noise.

The Givi AF windshield series offers variable height adjustments so the rider can set the height to their own particular liking. These windshield are custom designed to fit a particular bike. Current models are available for the BMW R1200GS, Honda Silverwing, Piaggio MP3, Suzuki DL650, Yamaha T-Max 500, Yamaha Tenere 1200 and a Universal Handlebar Mount Windshield

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