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2013 BMW F700GS Review
Carefree motorcycling fun for everyone!

Off-road or urban – new, authentic character with improved functionality in typical GS style. With the F 700 GS – the direct successor to the F 650 GS. A shorter gear transmission ratio in the 75 bhp engine enhances agility while at the same time guaranteeing the bike's familiar top-class handling. This makes the F 700 GS an ideal all-round machine within the GS family, suitable for every kind of rider – no matter how experienced.

Review by Total Motorcycle

Gearing Up With Gerbing

Sadly...as we near mid August and most of us in the cooler regions of the world know we only have a couple good months of perfect riding weather left before we put them down for the winter. Why not add a couple more months of riding to an already short riding season by investing in Gerbing's heated gear? If you have never used heated gear.... you are missing out !

Premier Cycle has stocked up on the most popular sizes of Gerbing's products. Now is the time to get geared up before the cold weather hits and everyone runs out of stock.

As a leading Gerbing's dealer we get a lot of questions about how all the clothing works together. While we can't answer all of the questions, here we cover the most FAQ.

Q. Deciding between a jacket liner and a vest liner, aside from the obvious heating benefits from the jacket liner, is there anything else I need to consider?

A. One important point to consider is if you are, or plan to wear heated gloves or glove liners. A benefit of the jacket liner is that the plug in for the gloves is at the end of the sleeve vs a vest liner where you would have to route each individual glove wire down your sleeve and back down to the plug in connection near your waist. You would have to do this each time you put on your heated gear.

Q. If I buy a jacket liner do I need to purchase anything else?

A. Technically no. All jackets, vest, liner, and gloves come with their own power cable that hooks directly to the bike's battery. However, this setup will have the heated gear running at the maximum heat level and most people soon find the item too hot to wear. In order to regulate the temperature you need to install an inline single or dual temperature controller to regulate the heat to your comfort level.

Q. Can I run a jacket or jacket liner and gloves with just a single controller?

A. Yes, but you will need to order a splitter to power the gloves and the jacket. Both items will run at the same temperature which is typically not ideal. This is why we recommend purchasing a dual controller in this situation. You can then dial the temperature in separately for both items which provides for a more preferable heating temperature for your chest and hands.

Q. Ok, I understand how all this crazy stuff works now, but how do you hook it all up?

A. All of Gerbing's heated gear connects to one another with minimal wiring. The jacket, or jacket liner acts as a hub. You plug your temperature controller into the jacket or jacket liner. From there, the gloves connect to the end of the sleeves, the pants connect to the jacket at the waist, the heated socks, or heated insoles connect right to the bottom of the pants.

BrakeAway Cruise Control
Throttle management device that combines, Style, Quality, and Safety

Hand-and-wrist cramps have been a part of long distance motorcycling since the very beginning. Over the years, there have been a variety of products introduced to help motorcyclists manage throttle return spring tension.

Although most devices on the market today are effective in the relief of hand and wrist cramps, deactivating them requires a conscious and sometimes awkward effort. This can leave the rider feeling uneasy or even unsafe during use.

The BrakeAway Motorcycle Cruise Control is specifically designed to give the rider relief, while maintaining a feeling of control. Easy push button engagement and instant push lever disengagement eliminates any fumbling around during manual operation. While the unit is engaged, throttle adjustment is easy and smooth, allowing speed to be adjusted full range up or down with a slight turn of the throttle. These features alone would make our cruise control a nice addition to the devices on the market today, but we didn't stop there.

This quality crafted motorcycle accessory is the first and only mechanical cruise control offering instant disengagement activated by the front brake lever. Normal throttle function is returned to the rider in a split second without ever having to think about it. Imagine what that could mean in an emergency situation!

Upcoming Events
Dream Ride 2013
Thursday, August 23, 2012 - Saturday, August 25, 2012
West Palm Beach, FL to Farmington, CT

Dream Ride 2013 is back and better than ever!! Since its inception in 2001, Dream Ride has donated over $1,725,000 to help Special Olympics, and its popularity has grown exponentially. Last year’s Dream Ride attracted car and motorcycle enthusiasts from all over Canada and the Eastern Seaboard to unite in Connecticut for one important cause. For those unfamiliar with Special Olympics, the organization prides itself on fostering lifelong development of children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Four Corners Bike Rally
Labor Day Weekend
Wednesday, August 29, 2012 - Monday, September 3, 2012
Durango CO

This is one rally you just don't want to miss.

Ride the Four Corners area and enjoy incredible scenery and cool mountain air. The Million Dollar Highway should be on every rider's bucket list. You ride over 3 passes in just 80 miles. Finish the San Juan Loop and add two more passes to the count.

Sales Specials
$199.99 Power Commander III USB

Fits Suzuki GSXR1000 '07-'08 Only 1 in stock!

The Power Commander III USB allows a full range of fuel adjustment, as much as +/- 100% over stock. Adjustments can be made either with a Windows based computer or by using the face plate mounted button adjusters. No permanent changes are made to the bike’s system. Once the unit is removed the bike reverts to its stock settings.



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