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Clearwater Glenda LED Light Set
Making you more visible

The Glenda LED Light makes your bike more visible to oncoming traffic during the day and at night provides a wide pattern of light which adds to side illumination. They are a combination of a fog and visibility light meant to make you more conspicuous. If you ride mostly on the street, during the day, Glenda is a good choice to help make you safer and more visible.

Advantages of LED Lights Over Halogen Lights

LED Lights

• Much More Efficient: 4-6 times superior to halogen

• Lifespan: Hundreds of times longer than halogen

• Dimmable: Safely use in varied conditions

• Compact: Low profile, easy to mount

Halogen Lights

• Inefficient: More than 90% of the energy is wasted in heat

• Short Lifespan: Only 500-2000 hours

• Fragile: Bulb filaments fracture under vibration

• Output Dims Over Time: Halogen starts to lose output from day one

• Fixed Output: Cannot easily control brightness

Clearwater Krista Light Kit
Clearly a brighter idea

The Krista is the big sister to Glenda lights and boasts up to 5x more light with a longer reaching pattern. By using custom and proprietary digital control circuits, these lights can produce up to 180 watts of Halogen light while only using 36 watts of power. A total of three 12 watt LEDs are used in each of the lights. The housings are made from solid aluminum billet right here in the USA and are hard anodized and then powder coated for corrosion protection. Exacting assembly and quality control sets this light apart from any other light available. Using aircraft grade, silver plated wire with Teflon insulation, these lights are made to last. Tough acrylic lens covers are easily replaceable and optional Amber lenses are available.

PIAA 1100 LED Driving Light Kit

The PIAA 1100LED takes its cues from its famous predecessor the 1100X. The 1100LED is designed to give supreme LED performance and still fit into the same mounting locations and on the same brackets as the 1100X. The 1100LED features computer controlled Pulse Width Modulation (PMW) providing thermal protection allowing its high performance LED’s to perform to their maximum potential. Conspicuity and night time visibility is enhanced by a color temperature of 6300K. From the machined die-cast aluminum housing to the computer designed cooling fins and 4mm high-impact lens, only the highest quality workmanship and materials go into the 1100LED. Light output of the 1100LED is similar to the 1100X giving off a symmetrical pattern so a rider won’t lose visibility when leaning into a turn.

GIVI S310 Universal Halogen Fog Lights

Pair of Givi universal fog lights with halogen lights, to be mounted on tubular engine guards (minimum 21mm and maximum 26mm). They must be connected to the battery of the motorcycle, and they have a switch to be mounted onto a tubular handlebar. They do not require any modification to the electrical system of the motorcycle.

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Sales Specials
PIAA 360 X 4 Universal Mounting Bracket

Our single clamp system with infinite adjustability, redefines universal! The new 360 x 4 Universal Bracket is named for the fact that the light mounting base can be rotated 360 degrees; and fits 4 different bar sizes. Mount lights to any bar from 7/8 inch utility ATV bars to a 1-1/4 inch motorcycle engine guard. Can also be used for 1 inch or 1-1/8 inch handle bars.

PIAA LP530 LED Light Kit

PIAA LP530 LED 3-1/2''; fog and driving lamps feature exclusive reflector-facing LED bulbs and a geometrically-perfect reflector to provide precise beam control and increased output compared with ordinary halogen bulbs. The LED bulbs are much more durable than halogen bulbs, provide more output and consume far less power. Available in true fog and long range driving beam patterns.

Bulb Type:

Two 3W LED, 6000K


Cast aluminum housing with polycarbonate lens

Kit Includes:

Two lamps, pre-wired harness with fuse and switch



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