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Honda Introduces A New Type of Dual Purpose Bike
2012 Honda Crossrunner VFR800X

The 2012 Honda Crossrunner represents the best aspects of two seperate biking genres: The flexibility and exciting attitude of a naked performance machine with the upright riding position and rugged appearance of an adventure bike.

The Crossrunner is a radical new concept that provides all day comfort and effortless handling in the city, exhilarating performance on the open road and the ground clearance and suspension travel needed to truly bring out the adventurer in you. A 782cc V4 engine provides the Crossrunner with an incredibly smooth power output. Honda technicians reengineered their renowned V4 technology specifically for this bike so that it combines a smooth power surge with the energy of an Adventure bike. Wide handlebars and an upright position have been incorporated to give high levels of stability and manoeuvrability as well as all day comfort and great visibility. The dual layered fairing completes the rugged, purposeful look and benefits the riding dynamics by enhancing stability at higher speeds. The Crossrunner has been created to give riders great flexibility. Designed with pillion in mind, the seat positions the passenger on the same level as the rider, shielding them from the wind and creating a feeling of comfort and safety. With great handling and stability, good ground clearance and ample suspension travel you can take on the bumpiest cobbled roads and dust tracks to get to your destination.

With its 800cc V4 motor the Crossrunner provides a thrilling riding experience, be it for short urban trips or for covering vast distances.

Extensive customer research indicated that whilst buyers liked the appearance and the image of adventure bikes, for some the compromised stability caused by long travel suspension, tall seat heights and dual purpose tyres was a serious deterrent. The Crossrunner offers the best of both worlds by addressing all of these demands.

MIC launches detailed tire guide for consumers

The Motorcycle Industry Council is now offering the motorcycling community an in-depth tire guide. Developed in conjunction with leading motorcycle tire manufacturers, this extensive, 20-page street tire guide is designed to assist motorcyclists with tire selection, inspection, maintenance and more.

Not only does the inaugural MIC Tire Guide help riders choose the correct tires for their particular motorcycle and riding style, it also provides information on proper inflation, the hazards of overloading a motorcycle, and recognizing when it's time to replace tires.

The MIC Tire Guide also helps riders better understand and utilize sidewall information, and includes color photos, technical diagrams and charts outlining speed and load ratings. Also included are tire-mounting suggestions, a primer detailing the differences between how motorcycle tires and car tires work, and tips for dealing with a tire failure. Finally, a Tire Replacement Log and a Load Limit Calculator are added for convenience.

ďAt the MIC, we believe that motorcyclists should have a thorough understanding of how their tires work, including how they differ from car tires, and how the available traction can change from moment to moment," said Tim Buche, MIC President and CEO Tim Buche. "This sort of awareness can prompt riders to be more diligent in inspecting and maintaining their tires, and also in replacing their tires at the right time. Overall, the MICís goal with this manual is to provide a guide that helps motorcyclists avoid premature tire wear, damage and ultimately, crashes.Ē

Individuals can download and print single copies of the MIC Tire Guide for free by visiting http://Mic.org/tireguide.cfm. Packs of 25 can be ordered for an introductory price of $19, plus tax and shipping. For larger quantities, contact the MIC for special pricing. Additionally, the MIC is working with tire distributors and retailers on establishing further, more widespread, distribution channels for the MIC Tire Guide.

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Product Review
S100 Engine Brightener

S100 Engine Brightener for Motorcycle Engine Cases, Black Plastic Cleaner and More

I have to admit that I was prepared to be under-whelmed by this product. I'm not sure why; maybe it's the packaging that didn't do it for me, or maybe it's that I couldn't quite figure out what it was really for. An "engine brightener"?

What was that supposed to mean? It claims on the label to be good for paint, plastics, and rubber, then it talks about "grayed out" engine casings.

So I left this test for last. I have plenty of black engine casings that were getting pretty "grayed out", so I tried a spritz or two on an unobtrusive spot.

I have to tell you I was really amazed at how S100 works! It really did turn a "grayed out" black painted engine part into something that looks brand new!



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